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Mobile Concrete Batching

On demand concrete mix, Adelaide & surrounding areas

Our Mobile Concrete Dispenser can mix concrete on site with no waste or return loads and multiple mix designs in 1 load.

Volumetric mixing or mobile concrete dispensing is effectively, on site batching of concrete. Our mobile batching plant can produce up to 60 cubic metres per hour and an accurate delivery within +/–1% of volume required.

On site mixing is ideal for remote jobs where travel times are an issue or large volumes of concrete are required. On large pours the mobile concrete dispenser (MCD) can be loaded while in operation, giving a continuous pour which is ideal for jobs using a concrete pump.

The time constraints of ordering and laying concrete require careful organisation and planning, with the MCD the concrete is no more than seven seconds old and can be shut off and restarted at will. This means no over-supply and less pressure when things don’t go to plan.

The versatility of the MCD means we can change mix designs, MPA and slump in the same run, as many times as required.

To learn more about volumetric mixing and the MCD or to book our service, please Contact Us.